At JM Dixon Associates Ltd we have an extensive working knowledge of the two main pressure vessel design codes, PD5500 and ASME VIII Div.1 and maintain up to date copies of both through our membership of the British Standards Institute. Our experience of the main storage tank codes, EN.14015, API.650 & API.620 is also one that encompasses over 25 years of designing to the codes.

All the design work undertaken here at JM Dixon Associates Ltd is done through the use of our own design programmes that are validated against each relevant code, they are maintained and revised through our Quality Assurance procedures. JM Dixon Associates Ltd has also recently incorporated the office management software ARCHETYPE, that maintains all our recorded documents and drawings so that you can be sure that all internal and externally generated documents are recorded and incorporated into our QA procedures.

We believe that JM Dixon Associates is the design and consulting service that you need.