JM Dixon Associates Ltd are ISO 9001:2015 registered.

We here at J M Dixon Associates are committed to working to professional high standards and to offering the highest quality of service to all our clients. This is supported by a management philosophy that ensures a quality culture throughout our organisation.

Our quality objectives

  • To ensure that the needs of our customers are clearly understood and met through close liaison at all stages of the work
  • To follow the concept of continual improvement and make the best use of our management resources in all quality matters
  • To work closely with our customers and suppliers to establish the highest quality standards

Quality standards

  • Our Quality Management System (QMS) is externally audited by a third party to ensure complete compliance

JM Dixon Associates Ltd are ISO 9001:2015 registered. Certificate No. CA14206 J M Dixon Associates Ltd are committed to maintaining an efficient and effective Quality Management System (QMS) for the activities of the organisation carried out at our site.  This is achieved by regular internal inspections, audits and reviews of the work processes and procedures, with corrective actions being implemented where necessary.

Work and administration processes are carried out against established practices to ensure consistent achievement of quality of service, in compliance with the ISO standard.

Suitable and sufficient resources are provided, along with clear instructions, to ensure that customer orders are met on time and that they consistently meet the required product quality criteria/specifications.

Where applicable, changes will be determined and made to the work processes to improve the service quality and delivery times, with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction. Changes may also include improvements to the organisation’s internal administration procedures to enhance order tracking from start to finish, and the use of external providers, which will be controlled, and the ability to answer customer queries. All such changes to the QMS will be made through ongoing checking (monitoring, measuring & analysis) and review of the work processes to identify potential areas of realistic and achievable improvement and the necessary actions required to make such changes.

  • We have a Health and Safety policy in place which is reviewed by the British Chamber of Commerce as required.
  • We are members of the British Standards Institute and of the British Chamber of Commerce
  • We hold full public and professional liability Insurance


JMD ISO 9001 Certificate 2022/2023