Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design & Consulting

JM Dixon Associates Ltd Design & Consulting Engineers for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design

A heat exchanger is a system used to transfer heat between fluids of different temperatures. Heat exchangers are used for cooling and heating processes and there are many different types of heat exchangers available, each with its own purpose.

JM Dixon Associates Ltd undertake the mechanical design of all types of Heat Exchanger and have designed to most configurations listed in TEMA. We work extensively with PD5500, ASME VIII DIV. 1, EN 13445 and TEMA classes R, C & B and can supplement these where necessary with individual company and industry specifications and requirements.

Experienced in the mechanical design of heat exchangers

Heat exchanger designs can be very complicated so it’s important to get engineers who know what they’re doing. We design and help maintain shell and tube heat exchangers by making them as efficient as possible.

Our experienced engineers and draughtsman can perform the necessary mechanical design calculations and detailed design to ensure your heat exchanger complies with the relevant design codes specified for the project. Whether it be a shell and tube fixed, floating head or U-tube arrangement we have the expertise to carry out the required design checks and help optimise the final design. We can also provide design calculations and drawing services for fin-fan air coolers and plate heat exchangers.

We offer both 2D and 3D CAD drafting/modelling services using the latest copies of AutoCAD and Inventor for fabrication drawings and can also supply native file formats ready for direct plate profiling. 3D model files can be made available for import into client software packages.

Some examples of shell and tube heat exchanger designs within the JM Dixon Associates portfolio of work include:

  • Fixed tubesheet exchangers
  • Floating head exchangers
  • U-Tube exchanger/bundles
  • Tank Heaters/Coils for Storage Tanks
  • Kettle type reboilers
  • Single and Multipass Units
  • Single, Divided and Crossflow
  • Fin Fan Air Coolers
  • Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Expansion Joint/Bellows

Please be aware that JM Dixon Associates do not currently undertake the thermal design of shell and tube heat exchangers.

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