Storage Tank Design & Consulting Services

As a leader in storage tank design, JM Dixon Associates Ltd. offer designs for a complete range of storage tanks with expertise working to all of the recognised tank codes and standards such as EN14015, API 650, API 620, API 653 & EEMUA 159. We are the leading independent tank designers in the UK and carry out work for all of the main UK tank fabricators.

JM Dixon Associates are suitably experienced in all aspects of tank design, construction and temporary works ranging in size from small shop built tanks, to very large diameter floating roof tanks and have designed tanks in many locations around the world for many different industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, metals and mining.

atmospheric storage tanks

Fixed Roof Atmospheric Storage Tanks

JM Dixon Associates provide full design and draughting solutions for low and high pressure vertical fixed roof type storage tanks in accordance with BS EN 14015, API 620 and API 650 with cone or domed roofs. Roofs may be self-supporting or supported internally or externally by beams, trusses or columns.

floating roof tanks

Floating Roof Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Over the years JM Dixon Associates has undertaken the design of many floating roofs, double and single deck, for clients such as Philips 66, Exxon Mobil and Ineos. These included new builds and the evaluation of existing roof designs for suitability, such as floatation cases, and repair.

cryogenic storage tanks

Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Presently under construction

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Shop Built Tanks

As well as the large site built storage tanks, JM Dixon Associates have provided design services for a vast number of smaller shop built tanks.
These include:-

  • Cylindrical storage tanks in both horizontal and vertical orientation..
Temporary-works Tank Jacking Calculations

Temporary Works/Jacking

Presently under construction

EMMUA assessments by JM Dixon

Fitness for Service

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