Mechanical Design Calculations

JM Dixon Associates engineers have a wealth of experience in carrying out mechanical design calculations and stress analysis across a wide range of engineering disciplines.

With an in depth knowledge of numerous industry standard design codes and directives JM Dixon Associates are well placed to solve your engineering problems. Our strengths lie in a strong understanding of the many design codes we work with; not only of the rules they provide but also the background and engineering principles behind them.

Because of the unique combination of codes that we use we are often able to use rules from other relevant codes to design parts not covered by the original codes. As competent stress engineers we are also able to deal with problems that are outside the scope of the design codes. We are very familiar with the stresses and strains involved in the design of tanks, vessels and heat exchangers etc. and we are therefore able to look for solutions using first principles. And as we create and manage our own in-house mechanical design calculation programmes we are not restricted by the limitations that can come with industry calculation software packages.

All our in house design programs have been written by the engineers who use them. They have been extensively checked and have undergone formal review for inclusion as approved programs as per our ISO9001 procedures. In addition the majority of our programs are reviewed by third party insurers when we submit our mechanical design calculations for vessels, heat exchangers etc. where it is a requirement of the PED.

We currently supply calculations to a number of U stamp approved fabricators and as such our ASME programs undergo a formal ASME review every 3 years to allow the fabricators to maintain their U stamp.

Together with standard code calculations to the likes of PD5500, ASME VIII Div.1, EN 13445, EN 14015 and API 650 we regularly provide verification calculations for some of the following:

  • Lifting Lugs/Lifting Frames
  • Wind/Seismic/Transport Loads
  • Ships Motion Loads
  • Support Brackets
  • Tank Jacking
  • Explosion Ratings/Blast Loads
  • Runway/Spreader Beams
  • Foundation Loads
  • Temporary works
  • Tank Cut Outs
  • Nozzle Loads
  • Venting Calcs