Fixed Roof Atmospheric Storage Tanks

JM Dixon Associates provide full design and draughting solutions for low and high pressure vertical fixed roof type storage tanks in accordance with BS EN 14015, API 620 and API 650 with cone or domed roofs. Roofs may be self-supporting or supported internally or externally by beams, trusses or columns.

We have developed a comprehensive library of ‘in-house’ calculation programmes which are maintained through our ISO 9001 quality system. Our design programmes enable us to produce a range of standard and non-standard tank design options and where appropriate we also possess the capability to provide verification through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and the design by analysis approach.

JM Dixon Associates can offer maintenance and repair solutions to all parts of the tank in accordance with EEMUA 159 and API 653 and also provide ‘fitness for purpose’ and ‘predictive life’ reports in accordance with API 579 based on tank history and inspections.

Although these are the more frequently specified design codes used by the petroleum industry we are able to adapt the codes to comply with the requirements of other industries involved in the storage of many other hazardous and non-hazardous liquids such as water, acids & solvents.

JM Dixon Associates has expertise in tank jacking for new build and repair of tanks and can provide the necessary design checks for such an operation.

JM Dixon Associates can design tank heating coils to suit specific applications, such as bitumen, and internal diffusers to limit the product flow velocity to reduce the risk of static accumulation.

To ensure safe operation JM Dixon Associates can calculate the normal and emergency venting requirements for new and existing tanks to enable the correct sizing of vents and relief valves.

Safe access to and between tanks is essential. JM Dixon Associates have the in-house capability to provide full designs for stairs, ladders, access platforms, interconnecting walkways and other periphery structures in accordance with the latest EN structural codes.

  • Cone Roof
  • Dome Roof
  • Self-Supporting Roofs
  • Internal/External Roof Structures
  • Walkways/Access Platforms
  • Stairs/Ladders
  • Fitness for Purpose/Fitness for Service
  • Predictive Life Reports
  • Temporary Works
  • Tank Jacking Calculations
  • Emergency Venting Requirements