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Column Lift

Column Lift – “Great Job”

Great feedback from our clients after a succesful lift carried out on the top sections of one of their still columns. The column sections were lifted from thier position onto trestles ready for inspection and maintainance. JM Dixon designed the lifting beams, tailing and trestles all of which performed perfectly and aided a smooth lift all round.

Column Lift

Column Lift

Column Lift

Gauger’s Platform Design

4JM Dixon Associates have this week been working on the design of a Gauger’s platform as part of a new tank build for which we are carrying out the design work. A full design check to EN 1993-1 was carried out to verify the structural integrity of the platform.

Autodesk® Simulation Mechanical Update – Discontinuation in March 2018

Sad to hear the news of the final demise for ALGOR. Once a leading FEA software brand it was consumed by Autodesk in their Simulation Mechanical package which has now been shelved in favour of lesser ‘FEA lite’ products which (in our opinion) set a dangerous precedent for spitting out results at the press of a button without any understanding of the FE method.

Rolling Ladder Design with Autodesk® Inventor

Another job completed for J.M. Dixon Associates Ltd who this week finished up the design of a rolling ladder for a 42m diameter floating roof. Our draughtsman Jason has put together a video showcasing the final design complete with self levelling treads; all modelled using Autodesk Inventor 2017.



FEA – Limit Load Analysis complete to PD5500

JM Dixon Associates this week completed verification to PD5500 for a replacement reactor vessel containing multiple nozzles in the top head some of which infringed on the knuckle region and therefore placed them outside the limits of the nominated design code. The clients required nozzle arrangements were successfully verified through the Limit Load design by analysis approach applied using our specialist FEA software. The analysis report was successfully signed off by the nominated third party insurance company and the vessel design was approved.

J.M. Dixon Associates Ltd launch all new web site

JM Dixon Associates’ have today launched their all new web site. The site now reflects the full capabilities of the company and is presented in a fresh, modern and user friendly design. There is now in-depth content on the type of services offered, case studies and galleries showing off the company’s vast portfolio of work along side all the latest news and updates.

Storage Tanks – Gorgon LNG Facility, Barrow Island, Australia

We produced design calculations and fabrication drawings for 16 storage tanks. These tanks had to be fabricated at the docks in Perth then transferred onto a low loader which was then taken by barge around the coast and then across to Barrow Island. This meant that several cases of transport loads had to be considered for the tanks including designing the supporting structures.

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Emergency Vent Separator

case imAGEWe were approached to undertake the design of a new emergency vent separator for our client. Alongside the normal detailed design and supporting code calculations a detailed FEA was required in order to verify that the tangential inlet nozzles could withstand the large loads that could potentially be placed upon them.

A linear elastic stress analysis was conducted in accordance with ASME VIII Division 2 Part 5 and necessary modifications in the form of a compensation pad and gusset were introduced in order to meet the required nozzle loads. JM Dixon Associates provided full fabrication drawings together with CAD data to allow for the laser profiling of certain components which assisted the fabrication company in producing a quality product on time.

JM Dixon provided a full FEA report together with standard design calculations all of which were successfully verified by the nominated 3rd party insurance company.

The end user contacted our client to commend them after a successful installation without any issues.